About USA Fasteners

As a project manager for a steel fabricating company, Ted Skrzat has purchased many materials to comply with DOT and other Government contracts. One of these projects was to build three railings for a new bridge being built across the Indian River Inlet in Rehoboth Beach, DE. This new bridge is over 5000 feet long. As with all contracts under the Delaware Department of Transportation, all materials had to be domestically made.

The bridge components included many fasteners, some of which were common sizes that a hardware store would normally carry. A problem Ted Skrzat encountered in procuring the domesticate fasteners is that he could not find a fastener supplier, local or national, that had these domestic common fasteners readily available. The solution was to have local machine shops and fastener manufacturers make the fasteners from domestically produced raw material. Seven vendors were involved in manufacturing these fasteners. The end result was, domestically produced fasteners. The terms of the contract were fulfilled.

To alleviate the difficulties of procuring American made fasteners, USA Fasteners offers a service to the industry by sourcing these products.

However, realizing that domestic fasteners aren’t always required and are not in budgets for many projects, USA Fasteners also supplies non-domestic fasteners at very competitive prices.

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